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Fix and Flip Lending

Better Business Lenders, Inc. was founded serving its fix and flip developers who purchase homes at a discount from market value, repair them, and sell them without holding them for rental at a profit.

We have capital sources and can accommodate most options including up to 100% LTV on the purchase.  


General Terms

The specific terms you will be offered depend on several factors.  These include your experience as a flipper in the last 36 months (how many units you flipped and the profits achieved), your credit score, the length of time your entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.) has been in business, your liquidity (bank account balances both personal and business), and your project at hand.   

Loan to Value

Up to 100% of Rehab Costs

Up to 100% of Purchase Price

Up to 75% of ARV/Value



From 8 months (12 and 18 month terms available)

Establish a Line of Credit or Single Property Loans

Rates and Fees

As low as 7.75%
As low as 1 point at closing!

Property Types

1-4 Unit Residential Properties*

* includes townhomes and condominiums

5-20 Unit Multifamily Properties

Mixed Use Properties (max 25% commercial)

Time to Close

We have options as quick as 10 business days without appraisal or standard programs at 15 to 30 days.

Step 1:  Complete a Loan Application  

Please go to our "Apply Now" page and fill out a brief questionnaire.  Be sure to complete all fields to the best of your knowledge.  A loan officer may reach out via email so add the domain to your email allowed!

Step 2:  Accept Your Loan Offer

You will receive a LOI from your loan officer for signature to move forward.  At this point, any processing fees, appraisal fees, etc. will be due and are non-refundable.  Your loan officer will cover these in detail with you to make the process as smooth as possible.

Step 3:  Submit Needed Documents

Submit all requested documents to Better Business Lenders, Inc. using the method appropriate for you.  You can scan and email them, send us a link to a dropbox/box account, or fax to 888-348-5194.  If you applied online, you will also be able to upload to your personal loan portal.  Loan processing can begin after all documents are received.

Step 4:  Phone Conference with Processing 

In some cases, if the file is fully submitted during Step 3 you will receive a notice that the file is in processing without having to go through the conference call.  If not, you'll get a call invite to cover your application and complete it for processing.

Step 5:  Go to Closing!

Once the loan is clear to close you will be notified and closing scheduled.  Then, we move on to your next great investment!

Need an Instant Proof of Funds?

Send an email to to alert him to your need for an immediate proof of funds letter.  Then fill out the application fully making sure you indicate your current liquidity (savings, checking, 401K, IRA, Stock, Money Market balances) and how many flips/rentals you have done the last 3 months.  

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